Inspiration For Corporate Awards

Dishing out corporate awards is arguably one of the easiest ways to show individuals who continuously submit excellent work that you recognize their contributions. However, the award types can have a huge impact on whether they’re viewed as an honor or a somewhat patronizing joke. Therefore, you need to ensure that your any cooperate awards you give out are appropriate for the situation and consist of prizes all employees really want to receive. Here are a few good ideas for awesome corporate awards.

A high-quality, bespoke trophy can make anyone feel special, so it’s the perfect item to award to a winner. Just make sure the trophy is big enough to allow for the inscription of the winner’s full name and the names of future winners in the coming years. You can checkout to find the perfect one for you. Ensuring that every winner’s name stays on the trophy for life is an important motivation strategy for those mentoring new talent. Of course, issuing a check for a sizable sum of money is the perfect accompaniment to a crystal award and shows that the winner’s amazing work has been recognized and rewarded.

A Weekend Break
Coming up with an award that you know all employees would appreciate can be tough, but you can cover a lot of bases by issuing the winner with a weekend break. It’s better if your structure the award so that the winner can choose from a list of destinations to ensure they get a trip they will enjoy. An added bonus associated with this type of award is that the winner will return to work rejuvenated after the weekend break and ready to carry out more amazing work for your company.

Conference Representative
If your company is due to make an appearance at an overseas conference in the near future, you can give the winner of a corporate award the opportunity to represent your company on the international stage. After all, it’s common sense to send your best employees to represent the face of your company. What’s more, the winner is sure to appreciate the opportunity to undertake free travel and attend an international conference as a company representative.

A New Office
A way to make the winner feel special for months to come is to give them a new office. This can be a great way to show them that they are moving their way up in your corporation. It’s essential that all employees that are doing exceptional work are provided with a nice environment, so seize the opportunity to provide your best workers with the gift of a more awesome office.

A Meal Out Locally
If there are any great fine dining restaurants near your offices, an award that includes a voucher for a meal and drinks at one of them can be a great choice. What’s more, if you make sure the voucher is for a sizable sum, the winner can share the award with co-workers by taking them out for a meal together there. Free food is always a great way to make people feel appreciated for what they do.

Using corporate awards to show your best employees that you recognize their efforts and talents is a great way to motivate all the people who work for your company to achieve similar feats. Make sure you are genuinely thoughtful and generous with the awards you insure and select recipients fairly. A heartfelt thank you is all many workers need to hear to feel appreciated. Any attempt at a hollow gesture will backfire and could result in you losing one of your best employees.