EDITORIAL: Lawmakers Again Shelve Local Government Reforms

Buried in the scrapheap of unsuccessful bills from the Indiana General Assembly are proposals that would have transformed local government, making it more efficient, more transparent and more accountable.

But so much was made over education reforms and the House Democrats walkout that bills designed to implement the recommendations in the Kernan-Shepard report died quiet deaths. When asked, most Hoosiers don’t know who their township trustee is, where the office is or what the official’s responsibilities are.

Some might correctly guess fire protection, and township firefighters have been fierce supporters of the status quo. Some on township fire departments spread fear that the rural volunteers might be disbanded if Kernan-Shepard recommendations become law.

That’s not true. A county panel of emergency experts would assume oversight responsibility for all rural departments, allocating funds to best equip all rural departments.

After all the news stories about township government, some might recognize that township trustees provide assistance for the poor. But how much assistance and who receives help is highly subjective. It is often up to the trustee whether a person receives help. How much assistance can be paid out also varies from township to township.

If, as Kernan-Shepard recommended, this assistance was operated by the county, those in need of help would have one place to find for help, and the office would be open during business hours — a time many township trustees are busy at their regular jobs.

The Kernan-Shepard commission’s report was released in late 2007. Since then, many state lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have given lip service to the benefits the proposed reforms might bring. But few have demonstrated the political will to retire an antiquated and unnecessary layer of bureaucracy and political patronage.

That’s a pity and a disservice to those who each year pay for an inefficient and often unaccountable layer of government.

Finding A Chula Vista CA Car Window Replacement Service

You’re going to want to find a Chula Vista CA car window replacement service if you have a broken window to deal with. There are different services out there and they all have their pros and cons. You’re going to learn here how to find the best service to work with.

You’re going to want to find a window replacement company that is offering their services for a fair price. To find out if a company is giving you a fair price on their services, you’re going to want to find out what more than one company charges in your area. The more companies you can get prices from, the better off you’ll be because it will be easy to see what is being charged on average. You don’t want to just go with a random window service only to find out that they overcharged you.

A good company is going to have good reviews backing them up. When you want to find reviews on a company, all you have to do is go to a search engine site to look up their company name and the word reviews. When you get results, try to sort them by date so you can get the most up to date reviews that are out there. When looking through reviews, try to also find ones that are detailed. You want to know what it’s like to work with a company so that’s why it’s important to find more detailed reviews.

A Chula Vista CA car window replacement service is something you need to research. You want to make sure that you’re working with a company that is good at what they do and that will charge fair rates. Use what you learned here and finding the perfect place to work with should be easy.

Pros And Cons Of Wood Flooring Brampton, Ontario

Hardwood flooring is considered one of the most beautiful types of flooring available. Not only does it have an aesthetic appeal, but it can add a feeling of warmth to any room. Of course, before you choose wood flooring it is important to take points into account. This article will provide insight into the different pros and cons of wood flooring Brampton, Ontario.

What Are The Benefits Of Wood Flooring?

1. Increased Durability

One of the greatest benefits to using wood flooring is the durability of the hardwood. It is common for buildings that are over centuries old, and have been cared for, to still have their original flooring. The maintenance of wooden flooring is relatively simple – all they need is an occasional cleaning with floor cleaner and some sweeping. However, you must be careful because non-wood cleaning products can be too acidic and could damage the finish of the floor. Moreover, despite being a common practice in previous years, it is not recommended that you apply wax to hardwood floors as it can prevent finishes to the wood.

2. Increased Property Value

Another benefit to hardwood flooring in Brampton is the ability of hardwood to increase the property value. Wooden floors are considered an upgrade to the majority of homebuyers; therefore, real estate buyers are more willing to invest more time in homes with hardwood floors. While the upfront cost and installation procedure can be tiresome, reports show that this can be a good investment because wooden floor properties sell for more and sell more quickly than carpeted homes.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Wood Flooring?

1. High Cost

One of the greatest drawbacks to wooden flooring is that wood floors are expensive to purchase and install. However, as is mentioned above, the initial cost can be considered a long-term investment because the hardwood floors can become cost-effective over time. If installed and maintained correctly, the flooring can last for hundreds of years.

2. Vulnerable To Damage

It is important to note that wooden flooring is vulnerable to scratches and surface damage; therefore, it is best to avoid hardwood in high-traffic areas or if you have pets. Softer woods tend to show blemishes more easily than harder woods, but both will be subject to scratches. You can minimize the damage to the floors by trimming your pet’s nails regularly or having rugs available at the doorways to trap any dirt brought in from the outdoors. If scratches do occur, they can be expensive to repair.